Mark Bulwinkle's Desert Dancer Steel Screens

Brought to you by the Truth Factory of Oakland, California, USA


In 1967 a young woman came to Berkeley, California to attend Merritt College.

She lived at the corner of Shattuck and Woolsey just across the street from

Black Panther headquarters. One of the jobs she held to support herself

was to work as a go-go dancer at a club down near San Pablo and University.

Berkeley was a very different place back in those days of youthful exuberance.

Fifty years later, having wandered the world, settled far from Berkeley, she still dances,

but in a very different way. The eleven steel screens you see on this page I created

in admiration of my friend, whom I call Desert Dancer. Mark Bulwinkle 2017














Desert Dancer Sally Anne Elegante Fittspatrick, and below,

the cut steel screens displayed at Jumpn' Java Coffee House one half

a block south of where Desert Dancer lived fifty years ago. What

comes around... and so it goes in our small, small world. And it is

important, at least to me, to acknowledge those who have been

important in the lives of others in positive ways. Here's to you,

Eva Soltes, for your help in creating this page. Without you

and your inspiration these images would not be. L'chaim!

Mark Bulwinkle 2017


Like people, a good cup of coffee can be hard to find.